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From refused to online.
Well...i reallized that if your images got refused dont worry too much..that actually doesnt mean that they are bad or smth..Everytime editor has a reason do reject your photo..Firstly i was like...Why he rejected it?Its perfect in every way.But then i realized that something must be wrong..If it is a potential 5 level image or whatever why would he do that to me and to his or her salary?Thats insane...

For the second point i carefully examined all my images that was rejected and found out that every one has a lack of smth....I strarted to editing all these images and after all i reuploaded them again and what you think?


So if your images got rejected for some reason dont charge them off.They can be potential 5 or at least 4 level images:)  

(Levels are for dreamstime users)

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