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How to earn money on stock agency
Everyone asking this question..is this possible to have a small portfolio and earn a lot here?i think yes but you must keep in mind some rules to be successful contributor. First thing you must have a really variety portfolio..For example if you upload only landscapes i bet you will not make money because people need everything. Someday they need isolated objects, some day kids with soap bubbles, someday landscapes so try to play with your camera and try to develop your imagination and take different creative, nice, beautiful and catchy shoots..I think this is the only way to make some money and to be proud of yourself because there's already a lot of landscapes, clouds and forest shoots so you have to invent something new, something special.But of course you still can take pictures of simple thins BUT in some special way, some different way from pictures that are already online or you will get this:

"This is a very well covered subject in our data base"

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